How can a Static Caravan Trader help me?

If you do not own, or have not tried to sell a static caravan, then you will probably not have come across a static caravan trader before. To explain, a static caravan trader like UK Static Buyer can help you to quickly and simply sell your static caravan.

A few months ago a friend of mine tried to sell his mother’s car. Nearly 3 years old, low mileage, in great condition, he thought it would sell easily, for a good price. He valeted and and polished the car all ready to sell. The first stop was the main dealer, but they were not interested in buying in stock. Then he tried to sell it privately. After listing adverts everywhere he could think of, it still didn’t sell. He did get a series of odd calls and texts and people who arranged to visit but never turned up.

After 6 weeks of this, the car was now due it’s MOT. He was fed up of not being able to park on his drive. Oh and he was still paying road tax and insurance, for an unwanted car, that was depreciating in value month on month.

Finally, he reached for his laptop. A search on line for car buyers and within a few minutes he was receiving quotes and offers for his mother’s car. Two days later, the car was being loaded onto a transporter and the money was in his mother’s bank account.

So why have I shared this? Well, anyone trying to sell their static caravan will have had a similar experience. Many of our customers have been trying to sell their static caravans for a considerable time before they contact UK Static Buyer.

A static caravan trader can help you understand how much your caravan is worth.

It takes just a couple of minutes for us to value your static caravan. There is absolutely no obligation to sell to us, but if you accept our offer, you can be sure that at UK Static Buyer we will to make the process as simple and easy as possible for you. We honour our valuations and make sure that we pay the full amount direct into your bank account.

Caravan Parks may not want to buy back used static caravans. It’s not easy to sell a static caravan privately. So this is where a static caravan trader can help. Our role is to make selling your static caravan as straightforward as possible.

static caravan trader

Static caravan trader. Showing a static caravan in transit.

So rather than waiting until other options have failed first, why not contact us today and we will see how we can help to buy your static caravan. Often we can complete a purchase and have the money in your bank within a few days.