Can I sell my static caravan privately?

When you decide to sell your static caravan there are 3 options available. To many owners the first thought is “I will sell my static caravan privately. However, this is often the hardest and least successful outcome. Many owners never manage to find a private buyer.

1. Sell to a static caravan trader like UK Static Buyer. We buy caravans of any age and condition.

2. The park may buy a static caravan – Subject to age and condition.

3. Sell my static caravan privately.

At UK Static Buyer, we buy lots of static caravans from owners who have not been able to sell privately. Some owners have tried to sell their static caravan for more than a year without success.

Owners may believe that selling their caravan privately could get the highest sale price. However, owners wanting to sell their static caravan must remember that even if they manage to sell the  caravan privately there will be a fee to pay to the caravan park.

One Caravan Owners Story – I can sell my static caravan privately:

I was offered a static caravan last week from an owner who had turned down an offer of £6,000 to buy his static caravan last summer. He was convinced that “I can sell my static caravan privately” for £10,000 or more.

At the end of the 2016 season he was still convinced that “I can sell my static caravan privately” and was just awaiting for that elusive buyer. So he paid his 2017 site fees, insurance and other costs totalling over £4,000.

Now a year on, he still has not sold his static caravan. Despite numerous trips to the coast to show the caravan to potential buyers, he still hasn’t found a buyer.

The sad fact is that the caravan is now worth less than it was last year. At UK Static Buyer we worked hard to help the owner. We offer him our best price of £5,500 to purchase his caravan, now a year older.

If the owner had sold his caravan last year and accepted the offer he would have walked away with £6,000. A year later, he has had no success with a private sale. After the costs to keep the caravan, trying to sell it, for the extra year, he’s left with only £1,500 net.

Sell my static caravan privately! This can be a Gamble:

If you believe that if you “sell my static caravan privately” you may get higher sale price. It’s the “may” that is important. There is no guarantee. You have to find and secure that private buyer and it’s not easy. It’s a gamble and hard work.

At UK Static Buyer, we guarantee to honour our valuations. We make selling a static caravan easy. If we buy your static caravan the whole process takes only a few days. Then the money is in your bank. You can move on and do other things. Then look back at the years of happy memories of your static caravan. It’s simple click this link to send us a few basic details of your static caravan and leave the rest to us.